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Everything You Need to Know about Otoplasty

Pinning your ears is medically referred to as pinnaplasty, or otoplasty as it is more commonly known. Although there isn't a medical reason to undergo the procedure (in the majority of cases) the fact that your ears are more prominent than others could be distressing particularly for children. 

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What is Otoplasty? Christopher Derderian, MD Microtia Surgeon

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It is often seen in children between the age of five and ten to have their ears pinched back. Children under the age of 5 are not advised because the ears are growing.

It is, however, best to have the procedure done in the early years instead of in adulthood because of the tougher cartilage that is found in the ear of adults. It is also more uncomfortable for people who are older because the nerve endings in the auricle becoming more established.

The procedure involves shaping the cartilage in your ear or ears to bring your ears in a more rounded position to your head. Although there are many ways for performing the procedure but the most commonly used procedure requires the removal of the skin behind the ears. It is held by stitches, allowing it to bend toward the head, thereby moving your ears closer to your head.

The earlobes are cut behind and are then closed and then left to heal and that's all there is to it! The whole procedure typically will take less than three hours, and less than one hour!

The procedure itself is simple, and it is one of the most ancient cosmetic procedures and otoplasty was in use from the beginning of the 19th century!

Otoplasty can be performed under either local or general anesthetic, depending on preference and the age of the patient.