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Why Product Photography Matters in eCommerce

Visual Appeal: The importance of Product Photography in eCommerce

Find out why great photography is crucial for a successful eCommerce plan and how high-quality images can be utilized on social media to boost the sales of your business.

What is the term "Product" Photography?

It is a kind of commercial photography that includes taking photos of the products you sell to be used on your website store. The ideal scenario is that every product on your store's website will be displayed with a collection of photos that provide a comprehensive idea of how the item appears.

The purpose of eCommerce product photography is to present products as attractively as possible, but in a way, that’s also realistic and helps the customer visualize how it would look in their life.

ecommerce product photography

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There are two major types of commercial photography used for online retailers. The first type shows the product against a simple monochromatic background. The other is known as lifestyle photography. It shows how your product is being utilized.

What you need for product Photography

Before you begin to create amazing pictures for your store online, you need to be equipped with the right tools. Ideally, you'll have the money to employ an experienced photographer with many years of experience and the equipment necessary to have an unbeatable product photography setup. If not, you could try it yourself, so you arm yourself with the necessary items. In general, you'll need:

A camera, tripod, black or white background, white bounce cards, cine foil, light standees, LED lights or light stands.