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Why Users Prefer Telegram

Let's first look at the reasons Telegram is becoming so popular. Telegram is preferred by some consumers over other digital messaging services.

Cloud-based – All chats are stored in the cloud. This means that even if your device is switched, you won't have to back up your chat data.

Telegram has many fun features, such as stickers, music players, and pinned messages. It also provided Amazone Prime HD channels for movies and web series.

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Flexible with files – Users have the ability to send videos up to 1.5GB. Telegram is a popular platform for sharing movies with friends. You can stream the video even before it finishes downloading. 

This feature is not available on other messaging services and is one of the main reasons Telegram is so popular. Hindi Movies is the most subscribed Telegram and has 3.2million subscribers.

Draft messages – Users have the option to save draft messages and make them available from any device. If you create a message but do not send it, this happens automatically.

Users prefer usernames to numbers – Not all people are comfortable sharing their mobile numbers with strangers or companies that they don't trust with their data. Telegram allows users to communicate with each other by sharing their usernames. The other party will not know your mobile number.

Telegram allows you to unsend and edits messages immediately after they have been sent. Unsend a message to the other person in the message and they will not be notified.