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The Best Vegan Skin Care Product

In the last ten years, if you can spot a trend that is exploding in the skincare world, it would be the organic and vegan skincare movement. While the two trends are fundamentally different, they share many of the same qualities.

With an organic skincare approach, you would not allow skincare products or other products containing animal ingredients to touch your skin. You will use products that come from plant sources and other non-animal sources.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular ingredients in this organic skincare and see what they do to your skin.

The world's most popular skincare ingredient is aloe. Whether en bloc, moisturizer, or even cleanser, aloe sun is an important ingredient.


Aloe helps the skin in many ways. Aloe is like a wand when it comes to having dry or oily skin. Perhaps no other natural ingredient on earth helps balance your endless battle between dry skin and oil.

Aloe also helps remove dead cells from the skin's surface so your skin is not only younger and healthier, it is! Aloe also contains a special chemical that helps keep your skin clean. It is quite surprising when you think that this plant can do to the human body, and discover that a certified organic product is better!

Another very popular ingredient in skincare products that are 100 percent vegan is shea butter. Don't let the name fool you, it has nothing to do with dairy products, much less baseball, shea butter comes from the shea tree and is a vital ingredient to share with your skin.