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How To Throw A Wine and Cheese Party

Wine and cheese parties are a great way for friends to get together, or to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday party. Even if you don’t know much about wine and cheese, it is easy to put together. It's easy to throw a party that is elegant and simple but still has a theme.


Wine and cheese parties should be elegant, but not overly formal. Simple white tablecloths could be used with white candles. You could decorate the table with grapes, grape leaves, or something seasonal like fall leaves. You can decorate a cheese board. You can also order delicious cheddar boards in Dubai through various online websites.

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Labels for each cheese should include the name and general flavor. If you are feeling ambitious, you can add the origin or history. You could make each section of cheese its own cutting board and cutter. A great idea is to use cheese boards made from flattened wine bottles for cutting the cheese.

Plates and glasses

It is important to choose the correct wine glass for each wine. Red wine should be drained in a ball-shaped glass, while white wine should be poured in a fluted glass. You can choose to use wine-themed plates or a mix of small antique plates for your dishes. To encourage people to try small amounts of each wine with their cheese, make sure there are plenty of small plates.

What to Serve

Wine and cheese parties need more wine and cheese. It's important to offer lots of different slices of bread and crackers at a wine and cheese party. 

You'll need to ensure you are serving the right wine with the correct cheese. In fact, complimentary wine-and-cheese pairings can create interesting and unexpected tastes.