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How often should your E-bike battery be charged?

Your use will determine how often your bike needs to be cleaned. Your riding conditions will dictate how often you need to clean your bike. It is a good idea to create a cleaning schedule. You can also search online to buy the best quality e-bike occasion via

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You can, for example, schedule a thorough clean every month and then do a quick touch-up when necessary. It doesn't matter how often you clean it. You must make sure you leave no spots undigested, dry it properly, and store it safely.

Electric Bike Battery Maintenance

You need to pay attention to your Juiced Bike's battery, whether it's a 48V or the Juiced Bikes' powerful 52V pack. A dead battery can immediately affect your enjoyment and ride quality. The 48V and the 58V batteries can be treated in the same way. You should check them just as often as the motor, brakes, and drivetrain. It is a good idea to pay attention to your battery when you clean your e-bike.

Before you remove the bike, make sure to fully charge it. There is nothing worse than getting on a bike and finding that you don't have enough battery juice for the distance you are planning to ride. It is important to not let the battery go completely. This can lead to performance problems. 

It is worth charging it as soon as it drops below 60%, and even if it reaches 30%. Your battery will perform better if you keep it charged and use it more often. Once the battery reaches 100%, remove it from the charger. It can harm the battery's performance and charging cycles if it is left on the charger for too long, such as several days.