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Why Your Startup Needs an Explainer Video

Marketing a startup business can be tough, especially when you offer an innovative new product or service. Not only are you trying to establish a new brand, but you have the challenge of explaining exactly what you do and how it's different from every other company out there.

Oh, and did we mention that most people have short attention spans? They probably aren't going to sit through a long presentation or read a 10-page whitepaper. So what's a startup needs to do? The answer is actually rather simple: you need an explainer video. Let's discover more here why should we use explainer video in our business. 


1. It's Short

We've already established that audiences have short attention spans. That being said, you might be surprised at how much information you can pack into a 60- to a 90-second video. More importantly, the short format forces you to focus on the key points. What's your unique selling position? What's your value proposition? What problem(s) can you solve?

2. Videos Reveal Your Culture

As a new company, your audience doesn't have a sense of who you are yet. Through video, and your choice of images, music, characters, and script, you can easily provide a glimpse of your brand and your culture and help your audience get a better sense of who you are.

3. Video Simplifies Complex Topics

Again, explainer videos force you to simplify complex topics to fit the format. If your startup offers something completely new and different, an explainer will distil it down to the key points and focus on what's in it for the customer. When you make an animated explainer, you can provide viewers with an inside look at a complex product that they might not otherwise see, and make it easier for them to understand exactly what it is you have to do.