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What You Need To Know About Concrete Strip Footings?

There are many times when the need for concrete strip-footing will arise. This is usually because of construction projects and unplanned incidents like floods or storms in the area, with most accidents resulting from poor weather conditions. With proper footings, you are set to combat these disasters throughout your project and begin construction on time.

A concrete strip footing is a type of foundation that is made up of a series of concrete blocks or supports that are set at an angle to each other. This type of footing is used when the soil is too soft or compressible to support a traditional footer. You can also know more about precast strip footings in Perth online.

Concrete strip footings are becoming more popular as a foundation type due to their many benefits. Concrete strip footings can be used with a variety of construction types, making them a great option for any type of building project.  Concrete strip footings are generally inexpensive to build and install, making them an ideal investment for both commercial and residential applications.

Concrete strip footings don't require large amounts of concrete or mortar, meaning they can be more environmentally friendly. If you are planning to install a concrete strip footing, it is important to locate the foundation for the footing in advance. The foundation can be located by various methods, such as trenching or digging. The most accurate way to locate the foundation is by using a magnetic model.


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