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Visual LANSA Features – Low-Code Platform

The development of apps can be transformed into a smooth process especially when you choose expertise and experience. LANSA offers a low-code platform that ensures your business runs faster and smoother and app development becomes easy. LANSA has a plethora of solutions and unlimited benefits that any business can enjoy easily. Watch a quick overview now at

With LANSA you can take the advantage of a number of things and the top 3 are:

– Single Low-Code Language: No requirement for multi-stack developers that make applications expensive to develop and maintain. Single low-code language offers developers the ability to drag and drop and use minimal coding to get the work done.

 – Active Repository Engine: Witness increased efficiency and flexibility by simply creating and applying business rules to all applications in one location. One repository houses all elements essential for your application.

– Single Visual Development Environment: Suitable for both novice and experienced developers, LANSA’s easy-to-use IDE enables users to opt for the drag and drop option to create applications easily hence increasing productivity. 

These are the top 3 features of the LANSA low-code platform. Besides, LANSA solutions simplify the way your apps are developed. Watch a quick overview of the website.