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Use Venetian Blinds For A Modern Look

Venetian blinds are one of the most common windows blind types. These are slatted blinds that can be adjusted, often with the use of a long rod, to let in more light or block out the window more or less entirely.

The slats are usually horizontal and made of lightweight synthetic material but may also be made from metal, wood, or other materials (as no doubt the originals were) and may even be arranged vertically. You can purchase art deco lamps online via

It is easy to see why these blinds are so popular: they give a look of modern sophistication to a room and also work well from a functional standpoint, allowing the room dweller to fine tune window light and visibility levels quickly and conveniently.

These blinds come in all kinds of different colours. Colour is a primary design consideration and if you are decorating with venetian blinds you should definitely take it into consideration.

How would you like the blinds to work colour wise with the colours of other design elements in the room? You can take into consideration the wall colour, floor colours and tones, colours of lamps and other lighting, and even artwork. Keep in mind that you want these all to integrate into a harmonious design whole for the room.

It may not have occurred to you that blinds can themselves be painted. If you buy pure white blinds you can paint them in a variety of interesting ways. Often it works well to sponge paint onto the blinds if you're doing them all in one colour. You can use a small paintbrush if you are painting individual slats different colours.