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The Importance Of Commercial Refrigeration Cleaning And Maintenance

Commercial refrigeration equipment and systems require routine monitoring, evaluation , cleaning and eventual replacement of components. Inspection and regularly scheduled maintenance is often necessary.

Below are some points of refrigeration case maintenance to keep your unit clean and running strong.

commercial refrigeration cleaning

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Check the Region by Evaporator Coil

As the condenser coil, the evaporator coil is an essential component for your commercial refrigerator. The evaporator coil is placed near the evaporator fan and is responsible for absorbing heat as warm air passes through the cooling system, helping to cool the interior of the unit.

Be sure to keep the surrounding area near the coil that is consistently clear. Blocking the airflow vents inside the unit can cause the coil to freeze, leading to water leakage and increased cabinet temperature.

Check the gasket Often

The door gasket is essential for every commercial refrigeration unit. Each type of crack or split can prevent the door from sealing shut, causing cold air to exit the interior of the fridge. 

Check Air Filter Often

Grease and dust from the pan and griddles can also be a hassle on your commercial refrigerator air filter. A large buildup can prevent the unit from the ventilation air that's why regular cleaning is very important.

Remove dust with a powerful vacuum, and use a degreasing solution to remove thick fat. Consult your manual service unit for tips on how to properly degrease the filter