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The Different Types of Siding

A siding is a material that is used outside of buildings and shops to protect the car from weather. It is used to cover exterior walls of a building. There are many options for home siding available on the market. You can choose from vertical boards or horizontal boards, as well as sheets. Exterior siding will give your exterior the perfect look. There are many styles and materials available for house siding. Although siding is expensive, it can provide security and make your exterior more attractive.

It is one of your best investments. Your home's value will increase, and your return rate will be almost 100%. There are many premium siding in Erie PA  which are available for residential use. 

Vinyl siding:

  • Impact Resistant

  • Long-lasting

  • Low maintenance

  • Wood siding requires no painting

  • Insulating properties

  • There are hundreds of color options

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Metal siding:

  • Available in aluminum or steel

  • Become less popular after vinyl became more accessible in the 1960s

  • Easy installation thanks to lightweight aluminum

  • With proper maintenance, can last for more than 30 years

  • Can scratch and dent easily

  • This can fade

Wood Siding

  • Threat from termites

  • There is a lot of maintenance, including painting

  • Fire hazard

  • Can give a traditional, classic look

Imitation Brick Siding

  • Synthetic paneling is less expensive than bricks

  • Bricks can crack or chip, so there is no need to chip or crack them.

  • Simple to install

  • Simple to maintain

  • Simple to clean

Fiber Cement Siding

  • Made of cement, wood fiber, and sand

  • Reminiscent of wood, stucco, or masonry

  • Can last up 50 years

  • This item is heavy and requires special tools and installation

Stone Siding

  •  It is often used on the exterior of a building, or as an accent to other siding materials.

  • Installation can be complicated by heavy objects

  • It is important to wash your car at least once per year.

  • The most expensive siding type