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The Difference Between High Tea and Afternoon Tea

Many people mistakenly think that afternoon tea and a high-tea are the same things because of their timings. Truth is, these two occasions have different origins and should be understood by all parties. 

Afternoon tea: It is believed that afternoon tea has an English origin dating back to the 19th Century. This tea is associated with the Duchess and Duke of Bedford. This is believed to be the origin of tea ceremonies. 

After lunch, the next meal, dinner, would be served. As one waited for dinner, the tea was served with a variety of bread to keep them full and happy. You can search online for afternoon tea via FineDiner.

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This mid-afternoon light lunch would be enjoyed by the Duchess of Cambridge and her lady friends as they waited for the evening's dark to come. This meal was designed to keep the Duchess and her friends full after accepting the invitation to the next meal. 

There were many different items that made it into the afternoon tea experience, with finger foods as well as baked goods and scones dominating the menu. They may share a commonality in the timing of the afternoon tea, which is in the middle of the afternoon.

High tea: Although high tea is often mentioned along with afternoon tea in the same vein, there are a few differences between the two. 

High tea is often considered more appropriate, but it may be because of the ceremonial occasions associated with it or the fact it was developed by ordinary people in the nineteenth century. After tea was associated with royalty and the elite.