Building Your Own Personal Survival Kit

To start your list, it would be best to have regular consumables that are often in the bug-out or go-to bags. Include items such as food, water, and clothing, and shelter also needs to be taken into account. Let's take a brief look at each of these elements in detail.


Powdered milk and similar items on the go are a must. Add a mixture of canned food and dehydrated or freeze-dried products. Store freeze-dried vegetables, fruits, and nuts. You can always go for eating fish in the wildlife. You can also build your own survival kit by searching through online sources.

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Keep 5-gallon of water containers in the bug-out kit and maintain several types of water filters. Filters allow us to get clean water in the field. Please note here and now that a water filter is no guarantee that the liquid is drinkable and safe. It is best to boil all the water after filtering.


Clothes vary depending on the time of year you need to go out. Summer clothes are different from the clothes you wear in winter. In winter you may want to stock up on boots, gloves, a sweater, a winter jacket, and waterproof gear, while in summer you want shorts, t-shirts, and light shoes.


Housing is usually not a problem if you are using an RV or bringing a tent. In some cases, you may need to purchase a quality tent along with sleeping bags for the whole family.

Important Items 

Get a battery, a first aid kit, and a waterproof lighter. Winding lantern and communication device. It is recommended that you save all of them.


Packing For An Emergency Survival Gear

Survival gear is one of the most important components needed around the house, at work, and more when you are out for activities like hiking, swimming, or camping among the many outdoor activities. These gears are very important, especially in the event of an accident or an unavoidable emergency.

Start by obtaining a backpack where you can thrust all necessities for outdoor activity. Survival outfits should be handy, light, and easy to transport. To mention a few we need to have matches, flashlights with batteries, compass, first aid kit, blanket, knife, raincoat, and some essential supplies.

Some survival outfits may be expensive therefore as certain as to their quality and functionality as well as their practicality to ensure that you invested in the right product. Before buying look for Best Survival Gears & Emergency Preparedness Kits For Sale and make a list of what you need and what needs to be inside your survival gear. Do not think of expensive ones because it is possible to avail it at a lower price if you are circumspect in buying. Survival gear can be easily bought online and it can be more convenient than going from one store to the next in search of the best. 

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Whenever emergencies do arise, it is best to be fully prepared which means that the things you have should be made from durable materials to ensure that everything is functional the moment it will be used. So much so, it should be water-resistant, quick to open, and with easy access, pockets to hold the items separately. These things for sure will help you in packing during emergencies shortly.