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Simple Guided Meditation for Relaxation

Have you tried to meditate and given up in frustration? Is this frustration makes you feel more anxious rather than relaxed? If you're frustrated by your inability to calm your mind, try a guided meditation as a simple alternative to the more formal practice.

Each type of meditation can have physiological and emotional benefits. Guided meditation for relaxation gives the mind a focus while still allowing you to escape the bustle of everyday thoughts and constant chattering. Using your imagination and guided meditation can help you naturally find peace and a sense of contentment by quietly allowing your mind to settle into a state of calm.

This simple exercise relies on using your imagination to help you relax. First, read the directions and then try it yourself.

Imagine yourself in a sunny place where you feel safe and secure. It can be a place you have visited previously or can be a place you just imagine. See yourself sitting in this place feeling very safe and secure. Nuance is bathed by the soft sunlight. Feel bathed by the soft sunlight. Enjoy the experience of feeling that warmth.

If you notice any tension in your body, let the gentle warmth of the sun slowly relax your muscles and strain that your body is holding. When you imagine yourself sitting there if your mind starts to drift or get busy with daily concerns (as the mind has a tendency to do), just bring yourself back to feel the sunbathe. Relax into the warmth of the sun.