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Really Cool Trisquel Linux Features You Probably Dont Know About

I know why you are here, you just cant stop searching and exploring the perfect Linux distribution for you, its either youre gut feeling and you simply have loads of time to find the only distro who can satisfy your computing needs. Well, the Linux Universe doesnt disappoint. Today we are going to talk about Trisquel. Trisquel is an operating system that enables secure work practices, without making them as expensive as other operating systems. This OS is also light and smaller in size, much lightweight its ancestor is the main distribution Trisquel GNU/Linux that is based on Ubuntu LTS. A bootable USB drive is the most reliable way to install Trisquel Linux. Youll need a third-party software like Win32 Disk Imager to install Trisquel. You can download it at


Its latest release Trisquel 9.0 version is free of charge desktop OS sponsored by Free Software Foundation. It’s roots traced way back in 2004 and was developed in Spain, as Trisquel Project started 16 years ago. It runs on minimalistic LXDE desktop interface and X Windows system, Synaptic Package Manager to install softwares you needed, and provides Ubuntu-based graphical installer if ever you’d like to have a permanent installation. And if you’re looking for an alternative for usual GNOME or KDE/Qt softwares, Trisquel Mini is your best bet, well suited for low-power machines like netbooks. You just have to check if it meets the minimum system requirements of; 2 GB RAM, Celeron CPU with PAE support or Pentium II, and 128 MB of RAM.