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Organic Farming for Better Soil fertility

Soil fertility is an essential factor in organic farming. Organic farming methods revolve around maintaining the nutrient cycle in the soil and maintain the fertility of the soil. Organic farming practices & soil fertility done to make the land fertile and increase vegetation.

Due to excessive use of the same land for vegetation the soil fertility can be decreased, as a result, you won’t get the required results from the land.

So, to solve this issue organic farming methods should be used which also permits organic matter to come back in the soil and act as a natural fertilizer for the crops. 


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Soil fertility is very important for the sustainability of the soil since it helps to ensure that the farm could efficiently grow plants.

The traditional farming methods are different from organic farming, as it can significantly damage the sustainability of the soil. 

This is because the material used to take care of the land is not good, factory fertilizers and urea are used in this method which can damage your land. 

The distinct synthetic substances used by farmers in organic farming in the plants can continuously degrade the nourishment of the soil. 

But on the other hand, organic farming methods can increase the fertility of the soil and can make the soil quality good. As a result, vegetation is also improved, and we will have more fruits and vegetables from a small party of the land.