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Online Reputation Management Tools Are Not An Option But A Mandate

Online Reputation Management (ORM) may seem a trivial or extra activity to most resorts, but that's where they begin to restrict their growth prospects particularly direct reservations.

ORM is as necessary as advertising or I'll go to an extent to stating part of advertising in this highly connected jungle of inspection sites and social media. For more information about reputation management visit

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One negative review and opinion can turn the direction of winds from the resort, no matter how great the hotel needs to have performed until the date.

That's the reason resorts must have complete control of their online reputation on all possible platforms and maintain a healthy relationship with prospective and past clients.

Having said this your service is still the main ingredient for curating a top rating and favorable testimonials.

Studies have proved that 61 percent of all hotel guests claimed they wouldn't reserve a hotel without checking reviews of the resort.

And 40 percent of these guests revealed they checked reviews on over 1 site before zeroing in on a resort. Online reviews aren't just a prime indicator of guest satisfaction but also a marketing avenue to drive more customers.

Therefore, it's of utmost necessity for resorts to improve and maintain incredible ratings on all significant inspection sites and disseminate their good ratings on as many inspection platforms so that more and more prospective guests become aware of the credibility and functioning of the hotel.