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Many Uses Of Customized Canopy Tents

Tents and canopies were originally used by nomadic peoples as homes. Currently, these temporary structures are used more in recreational camping and in conditions that do not require permanent shelters such as trade fairs, traveling circuses, temporary military bases and other vehicles of convenience.

The market for tents and canopies has continued to grow owing to the increased number of people who have discovered the importance of being one with nature. The brands and designs of customized canopy tents available in the market right now are more diverse, with manufacturers catering to every purpose and every need.

Majority of modern tents are made from fire-retardant materials that can be of cotton, nylon or polyester. They can be designed to accommodate a single person or thousands of people. Tents can also be free-standing or attached to the ground with guy ropes and pegs. In terms of basic types, canopies and tents can be categorized as single skin, single skin with flysheet or double skin.

Tent companies usually offer multiple models intended for backpacking, group touring, single and family camping. The size of a tent is decided by the number of people who will be using it. It is much better to buy a tent intended for a bigger number of people.