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Know More About Electrocardiogram ECG Simulator

The human heart functions as an electrical machine, and is controlled by electrical signals. The rhythmic contractions or expansions of the heart allow it to pump blood into various areas of the body. 

This pumping activity is stimulated by electrical signals generated by the natural pacemaker (SA node) of the heart.Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a cardiac diagnostic test, helps to identify irregularities in the heart. SL-8 simslim multi-parameter ECG patient simulator is a best equipment to verify your heart functioning activities.  

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The patient lies down on the exam table, with between 10 and 12 electrodes attached at his limbs (the arms and legs as well as the skin around the chest). It takes around 10 minutes, and there is no pain or injury.

ECG readings can be used to help understand many aspects of the ECG, such as:

  • Check the rate and rhythm of heart-beats.

  • Understand the risk of heart attack and chances.

  • Investigate breathing problems and frequent fatigue.

  • Chest ache.

  • Blood supply to various parts of the body.

Nevertheless, in case of any discomfort or concerns about health one must not hesitate to get diagnostic tests done. There is ample amount of information, medical news, forums, aids etc available to the average person. Living a healthier and more aware life is much easier today and one must make the most of such facilities.