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Importance of a Plan When Building a Reptile Cage

Would you put together a model plane without seeing a picture of the finished plane or seeing the plans? The answer is no. A homemade snake or other reptile cage is so easy, however, you say. I can put it together as I go. Not so, my young apprentice. 

Many pitfalls are waiting for the inexperienced. Simple things you can miss. There are silly mistakes you can make, and trust me, they are very easy to make. Many things can make a simple cage take longer than that, as well as some potentially costly mistakes.

If you've never kept a reptile, before you plan an outdoor snake enclosure, you need to do some research on what type of cage your reptile will need. It's also helpful if you know how big your pet will grow so you can plan.

Another benefit of a plan is that it helps you think about other needs for your pet reptiles such as heat mats, basking lights, UV lights, misting systems, substrates, decorations such as artificial walls, artificial trees. And the branches, and how these can be made and put in the cage.

Once you have a clear idea of what you want the finished product to look like and how big it will be, you are ready to plan how you are going to build it. At this stage, having a plan, no matter how preliminary, is important. Once you have a plan you can think about the issues. 

In many cases, this will allow you to spot the problem before it even starts, as the plan often reveals an error or problem. Naturally, the more detailed the reptile cage plan, the more you can make allowance for potential issues. It can also eliminate waste and save money because you only buy the right amount of ingredients.

Creating a plan is helpful because it allows you to see and understand how the cage will be constructed. If you feel the need for change, you can work to make changes to the plan.

Using a plan, whether it's yours, someone else's or a purchased plan will save you time, money, and effort. This will lead to much better results for you and your pet.