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How To Gain Muscle While On A Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet has become popular due to its health advantages. A ketogenic diet may boost your vital indicators. 

Keto meal prep items are a great way to keep keto friendly proteins and veggies in the fridge for the week to access and make multiple meals with. Many people are wondering whether they can increase muscle mass using keto. It's possible and here's the way to do it.

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Following a High-Protein Meal Plan

First, you'll want to get a custom keto meal plan. Find one that's got a higher amount of protein. You'll want to get at least 1g of protein for each pound of your body. So, if you weigh 160 lbs, you'll want 160 grams of protein. That's enough to support the development of new muscle tissue.

Keto diets limit your carb intake. So, that can make it difficult to eat enough calories. Most of the calories you eat on a keto diet should come from healthy fats and protein. Make sure you're getting enough of both to support healthy body weight.

Maintain a Caloric Surplus

If not, then you'll never grow anything. Simply track how much you're burning during the day. Then, track how much you're eating. If you're eating less than you're burning, you're going to lose weight. You've got to eat more than you're burning to gain weight.

That being said you do not have to excessively bulk. Doing this often leads people to become overweight rather than putting on muscle. It is possible to maintain lean muscle and put on more muscle. It only takes a small surplus of calories a day to see muscle growth long term.