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How to Accept An Order And Update Required Information In DoorDash Delivery App

How to Accept An Order 

Once connected to your dashboard, our system will automatically search commands to offer. When you get an order, you receive a notification and delivery details will appear in your application. You have 45 seconds to choose to accept the order.

When the command is accepted, the road to the shop appears, and from there you can choose to open the road in your default mapping service. There are many companies like rideshare dashboard that provide complete information and promo code for the bonus for extra earnings.

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How do I update the information in my bank account?

DoorDash paid either by direct deposit or with the quick payment for Dashers who qualify.

Follow the instructions step by step given below :

  • Go to settings of your device and give access to the Dasher application to your camera.

  • Start Dasher application.

  • Go to the tab located on the bottom bar result.

  • Press the symbol of the image of the user bank added red at the top right of your screen. Tap Add a bank account to set up your direct deposit or update to edit your billing information.

  • If you add a bank account, the application prompts you to take a photo of your ID.

  • Enter the routing number and bank account number

  • You will be prompted to enter a verification code in 2 steps that will be sent by text message.

  • If you do not receive a text, press Return, and the code to redirect the message to your email.

  • If you choose email, check all your mail folders for the DoorDash verification code.

  • Press Submit. A success message will appear to confirm the change.

  • Check your bank account on the second Wednesday after Dashing to confirm the transfer payment. If you do not receive the payment, check your account information in the application.