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How Furnace Maintenance Reduces the Need for Repairing

Spring furnace maintenance is about making sure your furnace is ready for the next fall/winter. This also makes sure that your system is ready for summer when you turn on the air conditioner.

The majority of homes use their furnaces between October and March or April. This is about 6 to 7 months of furnace usage on average. People who have HVAC systems that generate heat in winter and cool in summer use their systems almost all year.For the repair services you can contact Taunton Trades Ltd in your area.

It doesn't matter what type of HVAC system you have, constant use will cause wear on the parts. The same goes for heating and cooling your home. It is like driving a car. As you use the system more, it will eventually wear down. Your system requires regular maintenance just like your car.

1) Wash the outdoor heat pump or condensing unit with pressure. This is best done in spring. You won't need your heat again until the weather warms up. 

2) Check the filter. If you use your furnace regularly, the furnace filter should be changed every 3-4 months. These are some tips to help you decide if your furnace filter needs to be replaced.

Make sure to check the filter's color. Filters can be white, gray, or cream-colored. Filters can be white,    gray or cream-colored. If the color has changed/darkened, it is important to change it.

Write the date in permanent marker on the filter when you replace it. You'll be able to tell if the filter has been used for more than three or four month.

3) Have your system inspected. This should be done at least once a year. It may not be necessary for you to repeat it again in spring if it is done in fall.