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How Does Ceramic Pro Bond With Paint?

Simply put, Ceramic Pro is a permanent nano-ceramic protective coating, not a conventional wax or sealant. It protects against minor scratches, streaks, dirt, aging, premature oxidation, weathering, road salt, sawdust, insects, bird droppings, and even acid rain.

It offers excellent scratch resistance, thermal, oxidation, UV, corrosion, and chemical resistance. If you are looking for more information about the ceramic pro coating, you can also check out this source: Ceramic Coating Cost for Auto / Cars in Edmonton

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1. It's unique: It's not a wax or sealant like most other paint protection companies offer.

2. Highly durable: Forms a permanent joint that can only be achieved by abrasion, e.g. machine polishing, removable.

3. Less maintenance: Sealed pro-ceramic surfaces stay clean longer and require no waxing.

4. Universal: Protects not only paint but also light alloy rims, glass, rubber, plastic, leather, and fabrics.

The cars came from the factory with standard transparent paint, so we applied a Ceramic Pro coat, depending on the packaging, to the factory transparent paint. With Ceramic Pro combined with a protective varnish coating, we can even remove 90% of orange peel.

Originally developed for the heavy industry, Ceramic Pro products revolutionized the car care industry. While others offer wax or sealers to protect car surfaces that eventually wear out, Ceramic Pro offers permanent protection for paint, lightweight alloy wheels, rubber, glass, and leather and can be used on all surfaces in the automotive industry.

Today Ceramic Pro relies on auto parts and maintenance professionals worldwide.