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Health Benefits Of Raw Roasted Sprouted Almonds And Other Nuts

After harvest, most nuts are dried – not only to enhance the flavor and add a crunchy texture but also to preserve them. This is what we know as the raw core. From there, the nut trade began: shelled or not, salted or unsalted, roasted, sprouted, candied, seasoned, packaged or in bulk. But what happens to their nutritional content when nuts are processed?

Raw or unroasted nuts.

Contrary to popular belief, raw nuts aren't just picked from trees and sold on grocery store shelves. As mentioned earlier, most nuts are dried to preserve them and improve their taste and texture. These are raw peanuts. While raw nuts are highly nutritious and contain no added fat, they are often soft and tasteless.

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Raw nuts also contain enzyme inhibitors that prevent seeds from germinating too early and dying. It also helps maintain appearance. But these enzyme inhibitors, when introduced into the body, actually neutralize the enzymes your body uses to control inflammation and aid digestion.

In fact, eating nuts with this enzyme inhibitor can cause the pancreas to swell. There are only two ways to destroy this enzyme inhibitor:

-Roasting, which also destroys enzymes,

-Germination keeps the beneficial enzymes intact.

Baked beans.

While roasted nuts have a much more artificial taste than raw nuts, they do have a few distinct drawbacks:

-Add oil,


-Harder to digest

-Lack of nutritional value.