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Follow Fire Safety Steps

Every day of the fire caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage and resulted in serious injury and sometimes death. There are several you can take before the fire starts which will help ensure your safety in case of fire starts. You should know the use of one extinguisher for all fires.

1. Make sure you know where the fire extinguishers are located in your area of work. I do not mean on the diagram in the manual of your company's plan of salvation. I mean physically walk around each firefighter located in your work area and look at each one.

2. Do not take it for granted that a fire extinguisher in a building or a functional work area. When you walk into every firefighter in the building or work area, you also have to check a few things. First look at the pressure gauge of fire extinguishers and ensure that the needle upright and in the area of green charge. 

This means that the fire extinguisher adequately pressure to function. You'd be surprised how many fire extinguishers leaking down and not functioning when needed. Second, look at the tag on the extinguisher and determine when the last service performed. 

A punched hole tag to indicate the last date of service. If this date the service is greater than one year, you need to contact a professional fire protection company to come and service your fire extinguishers.

3. Know where all the exits are and make sure there is a lighted exit sign above the exit. lights out almost always taken for granted. Unfortunately, most people think that light out just to show where the stairs or exit is located.