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Flying Anxiety – Just How Safe Is Flying?

Contrary to what many believe the fact is that flying in commercial jetliners is actually secure. But if you are suffering from Aviophobia (the anxiety about flying) this short phrase is unlikely to alleviate anxiety and fears.

According to research conducted by the Valk Foundation, approximately 40 percent of people have an anxiety level related to flying. A fear to fly usually is a result of other fears including fears of crowds and heights or claustrophobia. For more details on flying anxiety, you can browse this site

It is actually one of the most secure methods of transport. In fact, over 3 million people travel around the globe each day without incident. In 2000, over one billion people flew around the world, and there were just 20 fatal crashes. 

Fewer people have been killed in plane crashes involving commercial aircraft in the last 60 years than die in car accidents over the average three-month time frame. Another alarming fact is that around 115 people are killed every day in auto accidents, which amounts to 1 death per 13 minutes.

Safety in the air is a growing endeavor and new safety advancements and improvements are constantly being developed. The introduction of Global Positioning Systems on commercial aircraft allows pilots and aircrews to pinpoint their exact position wherever they are around the globe. 

If the flight itself is making you anxious and affects your daily routine (unable to travel on vacations and business trips, for instance. ) Consider taking an air-fright program or course designed to help people overcome the fear of flying.