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Dog Enrichment Toys Acts as Boredom Buster

There are various dog enrichment toys in the market like lick mats, treat dispenser toys, snuffle mats. It is a great way to engage your pups natural foraging instincts and also reward them with some tasty treats. Lick mats are designed to keep your dogs away from boredom. Licking mats come in various sizes and colors and can provide a lot of entertainment and mental stimulation for all breeds and sizes. The mat has an anti-slip bottom and is machine washable. You can choose the best quality MKB football durable rubber chew toy and treat dispenseronline.

The Football Toy is designed to withstand the abuse of most “power chewer” dogs. If your dog is a “speed eater” serve your dog’s meals inside this toy. It will slow down eating and keep your dog stimulated and entertained. You can also look for Sodapup if you want to buy this treat dispenser.

SodaPup specializes in innovative dog toys for power chewers. All of our products are manufactured in the USA. As a veteran-owned business, we believe in keeping jobs in America. SodaPup stands for durability. They offer a 30-day replacement guarantee on all of our products, no questions asked. SodaPup takes your dogs safety seriously. That’s why all of our toys are made from premium FDA compliant materials that are BPA and phthalate-free and pass Prop 65 testing.

These enrichment toys are meant to be used in combination with enrichment activities that you can do with your dog on a daily basis. So, choose them wisely, check the labels and the ingredients available in it.