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Do Surgical Masks Really Protect You From Germs?

We are currently dealing with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, which is passed from one person to another via tiny breath droplets. Once this droplet lands on the surface, it becomes a contaminated object. Touching that object was fatal to anyone. Feeling other sensitive areas such as the eyes, nose, the mouth can cause infection.

Although it is not only COVID-19, other infections are also deadly to humans. There are more than a thousand viruses and microbes on this earth. The habit of wearing masks has been proven in Japan and South Korea since technological advances, but now it has started to go global.

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Many precautions have been put in place for people to avoid hearing about this outbreak, which has negatively affected the health of billions of people, who wear masks as well. Are there still concerns that this face mask will prevent germs from entering?

Types of masks and their uses

In this session, we will explore the three types of face masks and how to use them, with pros and cons in other details.

Homemade cloth face mask

Prevent germs with homemade face masks as they will lower the risk in public places. We want to tell you about some important points of use:

In open areas such as grocery stores, pharmacies will use hand-made face towels as these are useful for preventing germs.

Do not use this mask on children under three years of age as it will cause respiratory problems. People who cannot put on and take off such a case respectfully do not use it.

N95 Mask

You can also use an N95 breathing mask. Keep this handy for health professionals. Health professionals recommend using N95 masks in combination with face shields