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Custom Printed Tents Mean Big Business

Professionally printed tents are stronger and heavier than the ones you get at home. They are stronger against wind and other elements. This fabric is flame resistant. This certification is required for many public events.

A tent serves two purposes. A custom printed tent serves to advertise. The tent's peak is higher than the printing area available.

custom printed tent

It is also not possible to print the Costco tent digitally because it has already been sewn together. There are only two options: one, print a banner on the tent and hang it. You can screen print your logo or use transfer letters. This isn't cheap, and you won't get the full-color, edge to edge digital printing that you get.

You look small potatoes in any case. "Think small, stay small," is what I always tell people.

Fourth, full-color digital printing lets you reinforce your brand with custom PMS colors or graphics. It's easy to spot a tent when you are at an event. The words don't even need to be read. This is the sweet spot in brand marketing. People recognize you instantly and can remember your brand identity.

You can also add a back wall, siderails, or a table skirt to your custom printed tent. This will allow you to expand the area for your printed message. These can be placed in front of the booth or out towards the traffic, depending on how the setup is set up. If your tent is not in direct view, you can have the graphics oriented towards the traffic to increase exposure. You can make the tent stand out by orienting your graphics inside. You can order double-sided graphics or get both.

A custom printed tent with your logos and colors standing tall above the white canopy will advertise your presence and reinforce your brand's image from every location. This is also known as "Air Power" in event marketing.