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Cube: A Part Of Micro Sprint Engine Heater

CUBE is an internal engine heating module that heats, circulates and regulates the temperature of micro sprints, go-karts, outlaw dirt karts, and most engines with water-cooled below 1200 cc.

This compact and lightweight unit contains a heating element, a rare-earth pump and a thermostat. At less than 2 kg (1 kg), a powerful 1000 watts of output heats the engine and radiator for about 10 minutes.

There are many online store like Hot Head Heater that provide this kind of heaters at an affordable price.  Like top F1, NASCAR, the Outlaw Sprint Car world team, your racing engine is ready to deliver maximum performance, faster acceleration with less wear and possible engine failure.

Turn on and restart your racing engine unless it gets hot like the Sweadtech 125 Shifter Kart above. Poor qualification times and DNF can handle less than the cost of a single set of tires. Like a professional team, you can extend the life of your machine, reduce wear and tear and shorten your qualification time. Look at CUBA in the lower-left corner of the cooler (top). It provides 1000 watts of power to circulate coolant and ensures long-lasting heat in cylinders and gearboxes.

Rely on cold piston slide friction and imperfect combustion chamber blast to reach racing temperatures. The prolonged use of these engine heaters "wetness" the pistons, cylinders and bearings and creates the appropriate space for more power.