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CPE Credit For CPA’s- Compare Online Self Study Continuing Education

CPAs and Enrolled agents should find a good CPE program that is affordable, offers accurate CPE course material, and provides 24/7 online access to CPE exams and certificates of completion.

Review the policies and website of any provider before you make a decision about an online CPE program. Consider the privacy and refund policies, as well as online security measures to protect payment methods. You can find here all of these details on the website of the CPE provider.

This checklist has been created to assist you in finding the best online CPE credits.


Compare the total cost. These hidden costs can be added to self-study CPE by charging additional fees.

  • Study materials

  • Examine

  • Shipping and handling

  • Grading fee (and regrading fee if your first attempt fails)

  • Expedited grading fee (if you need quick turn-around)


  • Is the CPE provider able to offer self-study CPE online? You can do it from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

  • Is the CPE provider able to instantly grade exams online or must you fax or mail your answer sheet?

  • Is there an immediate student-initiated printing of the Certificate of Completion by the CPE provider after the exam has been passed?


  • Courses: Does the course have a revision date or last updated date? The courses should be updated and reviewed at least once a year.

  • Are they quality publications?

  • What qualifications do course/exam writers possess?

  • Are there any CPAs on staff who can review and supervise course administration and accuracy?