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Counseling Fees – How Much Does It Cost To Get Counseling?

Counseling is something that many people and/or couples wish to do. However, the current economy may make it impossible. Sometimes, you may be able to find counseling for free or at a low cost at churches and universities. However, there might not be many options.

Graduate school counseling programs- 

To find local universities, you will need to pull out your phonebook or search the internet. Ask them to call you, and if they have a graduate counseling department. You can also get counseling at reduced prices from These counselors are usually supervised by licensed counselors.


You can also look into local churches and call them to ask if they offer counsel. Some churches only offer counsel for members. Others offer to counsel the entire community. You don't have to agree with their beliefs. Many churches offer excellent classes and/or programs that can help you improve your relationship and personal relationships.

Low-Cost Counseling-

Local counseling agencies can be reached via the internet or phonebook. Ask if they have interns, resident counselors, licensed therapist associates, and/or a sliding scale that is dependent on income. Sometimes counselors in training will be less expensive at a full-service counseling agency. However, you'll need to ask. 

Normal Fees-

You can expect to pay $75-150 for a marriage and family therapist, licensed mental health worker, or licensed personal counselor. These licensed professionals are usually more experienced than others and are usually licensed by their states. For relationship advice, see a marriage or family therapist.