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Choosing the Right Paint Booth for You

The term "paint booth" is very broad and can mean anything from basic enclosure with fan for high production paint booth that includes many other features and systems included.

Sometimes the store owner can seek fully heated, the type of high production of booths where the paint off the bat in the store start-ups may want to start with a non-heated booth base paint booth and have them grow with them as their levels increase in production. You can also look for automative paintbooths online at

Depending on the plan shopkeepers, one type of booth may be a better choice than others. In this blog post, we will strike basic types of paint booths and their advantages and disadvantages in terms of performance, cost, and most importantly, their flexibility in the future.

Each store start-up looking to install a non-heated paint booth base should carefully consider what is right for them now and what will be right for the future. First we will define the four main types of stand we saw in the automotive market and their relative pros and cons in terms of air flow and performance.

After that we will look to add heat (air makeup unit) for each and see how that can affect the buyer's choice. A custom shop may never need to heat and upgrade production but if the volumes that were once part of the store's business model, it is imperative that they add heat to their paint booth to stretch the overall capability of the existing facilities.