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Check These Bait Board Ideas for Safer and Better Boating

boats in Australia Aluminium

Less space can be a challenge in small boats, especially when you have items like bait, tackle strew, and hooks lying around. When fishing, you need to create a freely movable space where bait boards can be a great help. Here are some essential bait board tips you should know.

  • Rocket Launcher: Similar to how rockets stand, you can add a rod holder to make your rods stand upward on the board. Adding this to your boat instantly saves the hassle and space by pushing your rods away from the floor in an easily accessible and sturdy position. You can find adjustable angles to get lures running at the right depth with the correct strike resistance to set up the hooks.
  • Over Outboard Bait Board: It is used for its simplicity, accessibility, and convenience. Tinny bait boards are the reliable method to obtain an aluminium fabricator to weld brackets in the transom. If you require a low bridge, then park tinny in a congested place and take the bait board out.
  • Gunwale Bait Boards: Get it to match a huge range of gunwale rails, and in a configuration, number to match with all styles of rod holders. It is the best option for dedicated fishermen. It allows them to cut the burley and slide it in a straight way into the water while creating a lesser mess. You can also get a rod holder that can extend at an angle of 45 degrees to the water. The choices are perfect for static bait fishing as they help rods to absorb bites with the optimum resistance degree.

Do check for different bait board accessories and suitability with the type of Aluminium boats in Australia.