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Buy Zinc And Vitamin C Supplement Online

Zinc can do more to prevent brittle bones than any other nutrient. Collagen tissue is necessary for the deposition of calcium phosphate to form bone. That is, collagen tissue provides the infrastructure for the bone to be formed. It is into this structure that calcium is deposited to form the bone. The presence of collagen is essential for bone strength and density. Without it all the calcium in your diet has nowhere to go and zinc is an essential part of collagen formation. You can also buy best zinc and vitamin c supplement through

Collagen is the most widespread tissue in the body. It forms the background of all your tissues of all your organs, making them firm and resilient. When the skin starts to wrinkle and loose elasticity you can be sure that your collagen cells are not as active as they used to be.

Each strand of collagen is made up of amino acids and it takes many of these amino acids to make up one strand. The strength of collagen tissue is increased as some of the molecules are strengthened by a biochemical process initiated by vitamin C. This process helps to stabilize the whole collagen structure. If the process does not occur the bones soften.

Three single strands of collagen are, initially, twisted around one another, forming a triplet. Three of these triplets are then twisted around each other forming a super cable. Each strand is also bonded to adjacent strands by cross-linking. It is into this collagen structure that calcium phosphate is deposited to form your bones. Bone therefore consists of collagen (an organic protein – live material) and calcium phosphate (an inorganic material).

Collagen ages slowly to be replaced by new collagen tissue. To ensure that this process continues it is important to see that your intake of protein and nutrients are adequate. One of the important nutrients is zinc.

Adequate levels of zinc are necessary to form collagen tissue, unite bone fractures, heal wounds and prevent osteoporosis. For the formation of collagen tissue zinc is essential, other nutrients are also necessary, but zinc is the most important.