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Bursting of Frozen Pipe can be Avoided with these Tips

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Frozen water lines during the winter season is common. However, the problem becomes serious when it is ignored completely by homeowners ultimately leading to spending more during the event of repairing. And if the situation worsens then the pipe may explode which is considered rare. Therefore, if you ever see a frozen pipe during winter then you need to consider following these tips.

  1. Do Insulation – Before winter arrives you may want to consider getting the attic, crawlspace, and garage insulated. This is a great way to keep yourself ready.
  2. Keep the Garage Door Closed – You should consider keeping the garage door closed in order to stop or restrict the movement of cold air that enters the house.
  3. Keep the Cabinet door Open –This tip is opposite to keep the garage door open. The main reason to keep the cabinet door open is to allow the small dips to come from the faucet. Moreover, warm air is also required to keep flowing inside the house.
  4. Keep the Thermostat Temperature above 55 Degree Celsius –If you are going to be away for a business or holiday trip, then consider changing the temperature of the thermostat to above 55 Degree Celsius. Moreover, you should allow the faucet to be kept slightly open in order to allow the water to drip.
  5. Get Professional Help – You may want to consider calling a professional plumber if the problem becomes worse. You can find one via online where you can type ‘Coffs Harbour plumbers near me’ to get a few results.