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Andromeda And The Andromedan Starseed

A Starseed is a gifted and highly evolved soul who has been incarnated into a human being but whose spirit originated from another planet, star system, or Universe. They chose to visit Earth to aid humanity and in any way possible.

Are You An Andromedan Starseed? Starseeds are also known as star people. They are older souls who have lived many lives and have often had a huge mission on Earth. Now, the planet is going through a transition from being a third-dimensional planet to becoming a fifth-dimensional one.

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It is a significant moment in the history of our Universe. Mother Gaia needed assistance and so a call was made. All over the Universe, Souls signed up to assist humanity in this transition by incarnating as human beings on Earth.

Andromedan Starseed Traits

Here are a few signs that an Andromedan Starseed is present.

  • Your masculine and female energy is in balance

  • If you're a man who is in touch with your emotions, it could be a sign that you have the right balance of energies.

  • Andromedan starseeds have a balanced life because many of them are 12th-dimensional. When a soul has ascended that high, they have androgynous energies.


It can be frustrating to be an Andromedan Starseed on a planet ruled by reptilians like Earth, but it is very exciting now.

Andromedan starseeds can be freedom seekers, wanderers, and system busters. They are what many would call heroes, but they have no ego and want to help others.