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All That You Should Know About 3D Parametric Modeling

As the name suggests, this type of 3D modeling relies heavily on object parameters. It is used to make/ design objects such as a cube, the amount for a motor in a robot, or even a car or a jet, all of which need to be made as per certain size / parametric specifications. 

Here the exact measurements take priority in the design process and quick design alterations are possible. This means that parametric modeling is great for design tasks that involve exacting requirements and manufacturing criteria. Hence, it is used in product design and manufacturing and is typically used by industrial designers to create your 3D product

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For example, when companies are looking to make families of products that have slight variations from a core design, parametric modeling is ideal. If one has to make a mount for a motor, first the motor design is mapped out, followed by that of the mount, and then one check – using the CAD software – if the 3D motor model fits well on the 3D mount model.

The advantages of parametric modeling also include the ability to easily interpret the design intent when a certain element is a changed and smooth integration with manufacturing processes, which in turn results in shorter production time. One downside to this method of 3D modeling is that parametric models require more time to update when unexpected design changes occur.