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All About Urethane Medical Balloons

A urethane medical balloons material that is used in the medical industry for general materials like catheters, gloves, and wound dressings. It is also used in larger devices like surgical tables and medical beds.

Urethane medical balloons can also be used in conjunction with the human body. This is often used in short-term implants such as feeding tubes, dialysis machines, and intra-aortic ball pumps.

urethane medical balloons

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Molecular structure benefitting the human body

Elastomers are molecules that look like human proteins and make up polyurethane. These elastomers, also known as thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs), have unique molecular structures that make them difficult to absorb by the body. Polyurethane Balloon devices are ideal for use within and around the body.

Researchers discovered that urethane rubber elastomers are biomimetic and antithrombotic. They can be useful in the body.

So how does this benefit the human body?

The body is less likely not to reject pacemakers or artificial hearts made from polyurethane. To make it smaller and more likely to be rejected, the newest artificial hearts use a combination of animal tissue and a special plastic urethane called Angioflex.

Helping the medical community Polyurethane Balloon devices make the medical community more reliable. It is very easy to use and it is quite strong.

This is in contrast to silicone and PVC which have been less reliable and are more difficult to manage. Non-silicone materials will not bond to silicone. PVC can leach toxic substances over time and will become brittle as temperatures drop.