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All About The Boxing Heavy Bag

A heavy-duty bag also referred to as its punching bag is a fantastic piece of equipment for training. This well-tested and tried boxing tool has helped many greats to rise in the ring and is an essential part of every boxing training facility. 

It was previously reserved for boxers or MMA combatants, this timeless and powerful tool has made its way into fitness centers of all kinds and offers an intense workout in boxing to those who take advantage of it. You can also buy the best boxing heavy gear in Canada.

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What is a "heavy bag" or why is it vital?

The thrilling boxing sport is a tradition that dates back to the time of the Olympic Games. Boxers were trained as soldiers, preparing for battle.

At the start of the century A.D., however, boxing was banned and it wouldn't return to the realm of sports until 18th century Great Britain. James Figg was the first known English boxing champion who was fighting at the beginning of the 17th century. 

Jack Broughton was the next champion after Figg and was regarded as an expert in blocking and striking during the retreat. Additionally, Broughton also devised special gloves, known as "mufflers," so fighters could not injure their hands.

Heavy bag exercises can aid in improving technique, offer resistance training to increase power, enhance coordination and balance, and can even help reduce stress.