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All About Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Some fats don't harm your health. But, a diet that is high in unsaturated fats like the ones found in oils of olives, extra-virgin, can aid in preventing heart disease and certain cancer types. You can also purchase the finest added virgin olive oil through numerous sources.

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Where does olive oil come from?

The olive fruit produces an oily liquid when it is squeezed after it has reached maturity. It's a mix of various types of fatty acids. These include:

* Oleic acid 

* Palmitic acid

*Linoleic acid 

This oil is a wonder because it contains large amounts of oleic acids,, which has been proven to be a powerful antioxidant that has been proven to lower the chance to develop coronary heart disease as well as protect against cell damage. decrease cravings for food, and prevent the development of diabetes.

How can the best extra-virgin olive oil produce?

The olives initially appear as round, green fruits that flourish in regions with dry winters as well as warm summers similar to those found in the Mediterranean regions of Spain, Italy, and Greece and also those in southern Australia.

The fruit begins to mature and turn black at the end of summer and also when the fall season starts.

It is picked carefully making sure to pick only mature ones that release liquid when squeezed against the stem's tips.

Another maturity test is performed to see whether the fruit is able to bend or divided into two pieces by the stone effect. This requires more skill but is essential to get the best high-quality table olives as well as oils.