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All About Dental Care for Seniors

It is always important for a person to take care of their teeth, but the issues of aging can make it more difficult for senior citizens to properly care for their oral health. This and aging, in general, can lead to certain dental problems that the person might not have experienced when they were younger. 

For senior individuals, proper dental care is critical to avoid problems including root decay, gum disease, thrush, dry mouth, and tooth loss. You can visit this to get the best dental care for seniors.

Why Elderly Dental Care Is Important

Here are a few basic tenants of senior dental care:

Keep Up with Oral Hygiene

Just like when you were younger, you need to keep up with your oral hygiene as you age. Continue brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing a minimum of once a day. Plaque builds up quickly on seniors' teeth, and it grows more quickly and is more likely to harden into tartar if basic hygiene is neglected. 

Arthritis can make regular oral hygiene activities, such as brushing your teeth, difficult, so you may need to talk to your dentist about what you can do to keep your teeth clean while simultaneously not straining your hands.


If you have been fitted with dentures, you need to be extra careful to ensure that your dentures and the area they adhere to fit together well and are kept clean. 

Have your dentures and their fit checked by your dentist on a regular basis. Always keep a careful eye on the overall status of your dentures to  ensure that they are in good shape.