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Aids of Essential Oils Candles

Essential oils candles emit a fragrance specially selected oils, which when put into the air; offer a healing factor that the vapours are inhaled. Each type of oil has its purpose, for example, basil is to improve concentration and lavender and jasmine help to reduce stress and increase relaxation. It also helps people down and calm face fatigue and depression. Also known to help with depression is rose oil while ginger helps reduce nausea. You can check out the best quality essential oil candles at

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Aromatherapy soy candles release a continuous smell of essential oils in the air as the candle is burned. Some people see all-natural candles created with essential oils as alternative medicine because the released fragrances affect the physiological and physical persons that use them.

Eucalyptus oil, also considered a decongestant used to relieve colds, sinus infections and provide relief to allergy sufferers. Tea tree oil in candles is also believed to help people suffering from a cold. Citronella is mainly used outdoors to keep flying insects and spiders in the area.

Chamomile and patchouli aromatherapy candles help soothe and bring relaxation. Popular mixes are patchouli and frankincense, tangerine and lavender, pink vanilla and eucalyptus peppermint. Candles suitable for use during the massage is a blend of lavender, sandalwood and vanilla or a mixture of oils of orange, coconut and carrot.