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2 Non-Solvent Concentrates That You Should Know

Non-solvent-based concentrates are exactly what they sound like: they’re concentrates produced without the use of solvents, through heat and pressure alone. In other words, they’re not extracts. 

One confusing detail is that in the world of cannabis concentrates, unlike in your chemistry class, water is not considered a solvent. Therefore, concentrates which use water in their preparation are not considered extracts. You can also visit here for finding the best indica concentrates.

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  • Can be collected in a grinder

  • Unadulterated trichomes

  • Can be smoked in a spliff or a bong

The simplest kind of concentrate is kief. Kief is the collection of trichomes that are separated from the cannabis flower. Trichomes are easily dislodged, and so kief can be produced unintentionally, as the cannabis flower rubs against the side of whatever container it’s being stored or manipulated in. 

To take advantage of this process, you may want to invest in a grinder with a kief-catcher, so that these loosened trichomes don’t go to waste.


  • Made from compressed kief

  • High in cannabinoids other than THC

  • Unique, earthy flavors

  • Famously relaxing high

  • Fairly easy to make

Hash is a kief that has been compressed. This further increases the density, and thus potency, of those desirable trichomes. Hash is a classic, but it continues to be a much-beloved concentrate around the world. It’s still the most popular way to consume cannabis in Europe, though in North America smoking the flower still leads.

One way to make hash is with the shoe method. Wrap your kief tightly in cellophane, and place it in a plastic bag.